Lt. Brian C. Cooper


British, Inventor, Repair Guy, Sniper, Driver


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Born: November 10th of 1921
Town: Salisbury, England

Son of Captain William Cooper and Nurse Mary Charlotte Clarke.

Born and raised in the midst of European reconstruction, after the First World War.

The Coopers where stationed at the town of Salisbury, as an act of good will of Cap. Cooper superiors, it´s Mary’s hometown and where her parents live. Young Brian grew up play in the country side and in his grandfather’s car shop learning how to strip an engine apart.

Since 1930, his dad enrolled him in the private military school, where he could have a good education for free. At school they taught basic military drills, physic, chemistry, first aid, mechanics and normal course disciplines. During those years away from his home, Brian learned a lot about engines and played around with the schools old tanks and trucks as a weekend hobby.

Cap. Cooper came down from Salisbury to visit his son from time to time, bringing homemade food and new clothes and shoes. As an official of British military he had access to his son personal records, his son was acknowledge as a good candidate to pursue military career, especially as a researcher for new military technologies.

Enrolled in military academy since 1934, Brian passed thru normal training and combat tactical training. He was assigned to intelligence because of his natural ingenuity for technology comprehension. At age 16, he was a junior officer formed in the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and was transferred to the Green Barrettes Regiment to learn how to act in accord to the elite soldiers of Britain.

During the 1930s, a triple threat emerged for Britain and the Empire in the form of right-wing, militaristic governments in Germany, Italy and Japan. Germany threatened the British mainland itself, while Italy and Japan’s imperial ambitions looked set to clash with British imperial presence in the Mediterranean and Far East respectively. However, there were differences of opinion within Britain and the Dominions as to which posed the most serious threat, and whether any attack would come from more than one power at the same time.

Defense of the Empire in the Far East and Australasia had centered around the “Singapore strategy” since 1923. This made the assumption that Britain could send a fleet to its naval base in Singapore within two or three days of a Japanese attack, while relying on France to help defend the Mediterranean against Italy and to provide assistance in Asia via its colony in Indochina.

These are some of the reasons for British warmonger rush.

During his Green Barrette graduation, Brian was renowned by his tactics call on every situation. And his natural aptitude towards technology granted him a consolidated space in his Barrette squad as the team co-tactician, pilot, repairman and sniper.

The British declaration of war on Germany on 3 September 1939 was everything that, now, Lieutenant Cooper didn´t want. The Germans had vast technology superiority, the objects, the vehicles and the weaponry that he assimilated during espionage mission in Germany already told him that there was a gap between.

He was enrolled in a secret military operation under Dr. Whipple Phillips

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